Going Freelance

December 15, 2013

Big news! After some months of trying to get lift off with Unclouded, I decided it's time to change gear and start working as a freelance software developer. It's an exciting step to be self-employed and I think in many ways it is a great opportunity to exploit my skills and do exciting things. Going freelance is definitely not going to be easy, but I am looking forward to working with clients and to building awesome software commissioned by them.
  • November 12, 2013. That was the day my sole proprietorship was officially registered and I became a business. Since then I have acquired an accountant, a VAT number, a business bank account and even a first client. I write quotes, contracts and invoices, and although this is all very new to me, I think I'm finding my way quite well.

    As a freelancer, I want to develop software with a strong visual identity. I love web development, but I also have experience in distributed software and mobile app development. I don't want to limit myself to a particular subset of technologies nor platforms. My hope is to take advantage of my freedom to work independently and satisfy my creative impulse.

    Since working freelance requires a serious dose of responsibility, self-consciousness and discipline, I decided to list some things I want to focus on and embed in the work I do:


    Quality is everything! As a freelancer I will be hired and rated based on the quality of my work and services. Delivering high quality work is therefore absolutely essential. I believe this does not only impact the code I'll be writing, but simply the overall experience of working with me. Code is just an element of that.


    When developing software for others, the ultimate goal is to deliver the software they want and meets their needs. Empathy here is of great importance because undoubtedly there will be clients that don't know what they want or fail to communicate it properly. As a freelancer, I need to understand the problems they face and help them with providing a clear and efficient solution.


    Related to empathy is the importance of communicating well. I believe good communication is a two-way street and is more than only asking for the necessary information. When I switch positions and think of the idea of hiring a freelancer myself, I would like to be part of the whole development proces and know what progress my project is making, what visuals are going to be used and which difficulties have been tackled. By communicating this sort of information clearly to the client, I believe you create a sense of engagement and mutual respect.


    I want to embrace design in everything I do. Good design makes such a difference and it's impact is enormous. A strong design philosophy is more than just creating attractive interfaces, it is about embedding it in all work with my signature on, from business card to timesheet to invoice.


    Simplicity is at the heart of everything. "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication", Leonardo Da Vinci said. It is important to not overcomplicate things, to design with simplicity in mind and just KISS.

    Although I still need to gain experience and learn a lot of things, I am positive that going freelance will turn out to be a wise decision. I look forward to the future and can't wait to share my experiences along the way. If you want to work with me, please get in touch.