Sigfox: A cellular network, just for Things

November 16, 2015

At Devoxx 2015 Belgium, I gave a quick talk about Sigfox, a cellular network specifically targeting things. In the rise of the IoT, Sigfox is an exciting step forward as it provides a solution for connecting things located outside the boundaries of our home WiFi network or Bluetooth range. For instance, keeping track of the position of a bicycle was previously not possible in a scalable and low-cost way. Thanks to Sigfox, a whole new range of products like this will soon see the light of day.
  • After growing into a world of beacons and BLE applications, Sigfox may be the next big thing in connecting the things around us. Backed by a 115M investments of Samsung, this French-based company is building a low cost cellular network for linking anything —small or big— to the internet. The network is already available in large parts of Europe, and coverage in Belgium is due for late 2015!

    What makes Sigfox ideally for connecting things is that data packages can only be 12 bytes in size, transmitting at only 100 bits per second. Prices are therefore significantly cheaper than traditional cellular data traffic, not to mention the low power consumption. Perfect for many applications!

    Below you find the slide deck of my presentation as well as a recording of my talk.