3D Create & Print

For Eaglemoss Publications (London, UK), I developed in 2015 both a Windows and Mac OSX application as part of their 3D Create & Print Collection. The application offers a complete suite for 3D printing objects using the V3 Printer designed by Sebastian Conran. With a strong focus on simplicity, the main goal of the application is to deliver a 3D printing experience as straightforward and magical as possible.
  • To realise this project, my role went beyond just the technical implementation of both applications. More specifically, I provided the following services:

    UX design: Translating agile business requirements into an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

    UI design: In collaboration with the Eaglemoss inhouse designer, I created a design that was close matching the visual identity of the brand.

    Project Management: To create a seamless experience between software and hardware, I collaborated directly with the hardware partner of Eaglemoss. This involved close communication in order to streamline both software and hardware processes as much as possible.

    Development: Both applications are built upon the Repetier open-source project, for Windows in C# and Mac OSX in Objective-C. Apart from revamping the entire graphical interface, custom functionality dedicated to the V3 printer was added also.

  • More information on the 3D Create & Print collection can be found on http://www.3dprinter-collection.com. The Windows and Mac OSX applications can be downloaded here.