Golve: A Multi-screen Golf Application for Android

Golve is a multi-screen mini golf application for Android. By placing multiple devices next to each other, users can create their own custom golf courses. To construct a course, just put the devices in any order you want and pair them together by drawing a straight line between every two adjacent devices. Once the game is started, the ball seamlessly rolls from one device to the other, without delays or hitches. Golve interacts in a device-to-device manner, so no internet connection is required. Just connect all devices to the same local network/hotspot and launch the application.
  • Golve is built on top of the Unclouded SDK for managing the device-to-device communication. This makes it easy to handle local network communication and reduce the network latency as much as possible.

    Golve was awarded as finalist of the MobileMonday Appsmarathon in September 2013.

    Check out the demo video below or visit the Golve website for more information.

  • Get it on Google Play