Unclouded — Device-to-Device Communication Made Easy

Unclouded is a software platform for building collaborative applications employing device-to-device communication. Its purpose is to eliminate the complexity that device-to-device interactions involve by offering tools and services that enhance the development of collaborative software.
  • Although traditional cloud-based apps have revolutionized the entire mobile ecosystem, Unclouded started from the believe that not every app or device benefits from being chained to the cloud. Instead, immediate and direct connections simplify many applications and form the missing link for users to interact with nearby devices without setup or connectivity hassles.

    Currently, Unclouded offers a free and open-source SDK for Android that enables to interact with nearby devices over local communication technology like a local (WiFi) access point or hotspot. The SDK is well suited for simple collaborative applications as well as applications running in highly volatile networks. As these networks are characterized by an exhibiting intermittent connectivity and little infrastructure, device-to-device interactions are extremely hard to manage. Using the SDK, this complexity is automatically taken care of without compromising on functionality.

    Unclouded is an outgrowth of the Software Languages Lab of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and was selected for the iMinds London Bootcamp in April 2013. Commercial support is offered, including a range of development and consulting services to help developers and companies build a unique device-to-device experience.

    Visit unclouded.io for more information.